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Intererst only loans

Interest Only Loans

Interest-only loans — if you are an investor looking to purchase, rehab, and sell a property quickly, an interest-only loan might make sense based on your goal. This financing structure will allow you (investor)to keep more cash flow and make minimum (custom/tailored) payments, thereof having more cash flow to complete your project/renovation.


Intererst only loans

Second mortgages

This instance is, when a buyer can obtain a loan, but not for the total full price amount of the property, sometimes a second mortgage is what is needed to make the purchase of this real property Possible. Example will be, your conventional bank will warrant to pay only 80% of the required amount, FPCG will provide the remaining 20% in order for the buyer to complete the transaction.


Intererst only loans

Exotic car Financing

Most assumes that people that buy exotic cars simply go to the dealership and write a check. In reality that’s not the case. Exotic car financing are not undertaking by your traditional bank due to its cost factor, depreciating rate etc. Most will say if you can’t afford it then do not buy it.

Well that’s where we fit in. With our over 20 years of experience of knowledge of European and exotic cars, we have been able to build an array of relationship within that industry which in turn allows us to come up with certain creative financing within this industry that your local traditional bank wouldn’t be able to. We are able to lower our risk by utilizing our relationship within the industry which allows us to resell these vehicles seamlessly and quickly if there was ever a need to repossess a vehicle from a client for not being able to meet their financial obligations.


Intererst only loans

Title Loans

For some of our clients, cash flow tend to be issues as certain uncertainly affect the downturn of their business. We have a special team that are available to assist our clients and new clients in taking advantage of equity that they have built up, in their vehicles at really competitive rates , without taking advantage of them. See, we are all about relationship building and building bridges with our clientele’s. Short term title loans are available as a means of quickly providing overnight cash flow leverage for our consumers.


Intererst only loans

Small Business loans

Unfortunately most small business start-ups do not necessarily qualify for government backed small business loans (SBA). Whiles SBA offers a variety of loan programs for very specific purposes. We here at First Pinnacle Capital Group have tailored business loans for small businessdepending on their needs and their industry. All our small business loans are seamless with simple qualification requirement that are usually completed within ten business days. We believe that small business are the driving foundation of our economy, therefore if we are able to assist new small businessestablishments, then we certainly are contributing inversely to our economy.